WNC website no longer maintained

This WNC website is no longer maintained. Please go to www.equalities.gov.uk thank you.

About WNC

As the only official, national body working on women’s equality we have a special role to fulfil and an important remit within the equality machinery in the UK. Our independent voice, bringing the informed voice of women to government, especially women who may not represented by mainstream organisations, is unique. Find out more about the Women's National Commission.


Our Vision

WNC Vision

  • A world where all women can express their needs and priorities and where Government listens and acts so that the needs of all women are at the heart of Government policy.

  • A world in which every human being is respected and is able to achieve their potential, living free from harm and discrimination.

Our Mission

WNC Mission

  • Support, advise and encourage the women’s sector to enable all women’s voices to be heard effectively;

  • Act as a conduit for all those voices, in order to both advise and to hold Government to account;
    Promote women’s equality; Find out more here



Our Values

WNC Values

In working towards our vision and aims, we will demonstrate the following values:

  • Accessibility;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • Respect; and
  • Empowerment.

Find out more here

WNC website no longer maintained PDF Print E-mail

This WNC website is no longer maintained. Please go to www.equalities.gov.uk thank you.

Women's National Commission Legacy Document PDF Print E-mail

The Women's National Commission Legacy Document has been published. Please see Latest Publications list on this page.

WNC Closure PDF Print E-mail

The WNC is now closed. Whilst this website remains open the information may not be up to date. You are advised to check other sources where possible.

Closure of the Women's National Commission PDF Print E-mail

As part of the Government’s drive to cut costs and increase transparency, accountability and efficiency, the role, size and scope of government quangos have formed part of a broad Coalition Government review.


The Women’s National Commission (WNC), set up in 1969 as the national, independent organisation to present the views of women to government, is an advisory Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) which falls into this category.


It has been announced by the Government today that a number of public bodies are set to be merged, abolished or streamlined as part of this process. The WNC will be closed down on 31 December 2010 and its core functions brought into the Government Equalities Office (GEO), its sponsor department. Click here for details.


The GEO intends to consult with women later in the Autumn in order to develop a new model of engagement to bring women closer to Ministers. This will include engagement with WNC Partners.


The priorities of the WNC Chair and Board of Commissioners  are to engage with the Government to ensure that WNC Partners have an opportunity to influence the new central approach, to work to protect funding designated to promote gender equality and to ensure that the core functions of the WNC, which historically have had such an important impact on the lives of women, will be maintained. Click here for Baroness Gould's letter to WNC Partners.

The WNC Commissioners have released a press statement, please click here to view. 

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