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Our Vision

  • A world where all women can express their needs and priorities and where Government listens and acts so that the needs of all women are at the heart of Government policy; and

  • A world in which every human being is respected and is able to achieve their potential, living free from harm and discrimination. 

Our Mission

  • Support, advise and encourage the women’s sector to enable all women’s voices to be heard effectively;

  • Act as a conduit for all those voices, in order to both advise and to hold Government to account;

  • Promote women’s equality;

  • Ensure the views and experiences of as many women as possible are represented to Government to promote women’s equality and change;

  • Ensure that where possible, women’s opinions are communicated to Government so that they can be taken into account when laws are made and policies decided;

  • As far as possible, seek the views of and empower, socially excluded and marginalised women; and

  • Disseminate messages from Government across the women’s equality sector. 


Our Values


In working towards our vision and aims, we will demonstrate the following values: Accessibility; Equality and Diversity; Respect; Empowerment.


  • Transparency, openness
  • Confidentiality
  • Learning
  • Integrity
Equality and Diversity
  • Gender equality and anti-discrimination
  • Diversity as a positive force
  • Inclusivity
  • Value the lived experience of women
  • Value grass-roots experience
  • Respect for all
  • Encouraging development
  • Enabling and participatory
  • Innovative and creative
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