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Beatrix CampbellBeatrix (Bea) is an award-winning journalist, author, broadcaster, campaigner and playwright.  Her specialist knowledge of gender quality issues began in the 1970s with the women’s movement.  Bea increased her knowledge after the 1990’s riots in Britain that led her to analyse crime, gender and the community.  Her main interests are the community, crime politics, child abuse, and aboriginality and land rights.

In particular Bea’s work challenges the orthodox view that young men’s community violence is a function of absent fathers.  More recently, she embarked on a project working with young male offenders, which led her to develop a radical approach to gender, generation and the organisation of stable communities. Bea frequently writes articles for The Guardian Online, and her books have won awards, including the Cheltenham Literature Festival Prize 1984 and the Fawcett Society Prize.

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