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The Iraqi Women’s Internship Programme, a pioneering model of international capacity-building, began in December 2004 and ended in September 2006.

Funded by a grant from the Department for International Development’s Civil Society Fund (CSF) via the British Council, it aimed to build the capacity of Iraqi women’s civil society organisations (CSOs) to engage more effectively with national decision-making. The programme ran twice during this period; each round comprised two phases. In Phase One, a selected group of Iraqi women underwent a comprehensive programme of capacity-building in the UK (and Canada in 2005 only), whilst in Phase Two they each planned to cascade train a minimum of 25 women from their networks in Iraq. A monitoring meeting was held at the end of the programme in Jordan, to enable both groups of participants to discuss with the programme co-ordinator their progress and learning. The final report 'A Journey of Discovery' was published in May 2007, it can be downloaded here (pdf 1.7 Mb). The WNC are hoping to adopt this model for women in other conflict areas

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