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UK Examination

On the 12/13 May, the UN Committee monitoring the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights examined the UK’s 4th and 5th periodic reports. 


The UK signed the Covenant in 1968 and ratified it in 1976. All countries that are signed up to the Covenant are obliged to submit reports to the Committee every five years, on how the rights are being implemented in their own country. The UK’s preparations and delegation were led by the Joint International Unit in the Department for Work and Pensions. 

A number of key WNC partners have submitted Shadow Reports towards the examination, including the Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (NIWEP) and Engender, and the EHRC has also produced a Shadow Report. We look forward to reading the recommendations produced by the Committee.

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


International Work PDF Print E-mail

The WNC is involved in a numbers of ways to represent women in the UK in the international arena. We are committed to undertaking work on specific international endeavours (mainly United Nations conventions and commissions), as well as facilitating the operation of a European and International E-Network .

Here you can find links to some of the reports, letters and guides we have produced concerning our international work.  


View information about the WNC's involvement in CSW 49 (2005)

View information about the WNC’s involvement in CSW 48 (2004)

View information about the WNC's involvement in CSW 47 (2003)  

Beijing Platform for Action

Women 2000 (word 336Kb)

What's Beijing got to do with me? (pdf 1.6Mb) 

Activities of the European & International E-Network (formerly the Women and Human Rights Working Group)

E-Network PDF Print E-mail

The European and International E-Network (formerly the Women and Human Rights E-Network) was established to bring together the views of women from around the UK on international issues, to lobby government on key topics, and to contribute to government policy.  Two fortnightly e-updates are circulated, one focused on European and Commonwealth matters, the other on the United Nations.

What is the Iraqi Women's Internship Programme? PDF Print E-mail

The Iraqi Women’s Internship Programme, a pioneering model of international capacity-building, began in December 2004 and ended in September 2006.

Funded by a grant from the Department for International Development’s Civil Society Fund (CSF) via the British Council, it aimed to build the capacity of Iraqi women’s civil society organisations (CSOs) to engage more effectively with national decision-making. The programme ran twice during this period; each round comprised two phases. In Phase One, a selected group of Iraqi women underwent a comprehensive programme of capacity-building in the UK (and Canada in 2005 only), whilst in Phase Two they each planned to cascade train a minimum of 25 women from their networks in Iraq. A monitoring meeting was held at the end of the programme in Jordan, to enable both groups of participants to discuss with the programme co-ordinator their progress and learning. The final report 'A Journey of Discovery' was published in May 2007, it can be downloaded here (pdf 1.7 Mb). The WNC are hoping to adopt this model for women in other conflict areas

Useful Links

British Council
Department for International Development

European Union PDF Print E-mail

The Treaty of the European Union obliges Member States to promote equality between women and men.

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