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Women who have migrated to the UK, forced or of free will, are more likely then migrant men to suffer from discrimination. They are also more likely to be exposed to forced labour, sexual exploitation and other kinds of gender-based violence. They are more likely to accept hazardous work conditions and low salaries that are below the minimum wage.

Women that are forced to flee their country of origin often do so for reasons that differ from male refugees. Women are often victims of sexual violence and many times flee from oppression and persecution from society rather than the state. Often the state is unable or unwilling to protect these women. About 50 per cent of women claiming asylum in the UK have been raped and many are traumatised due to their experiences. Because women’s experiences differ from that of men, they need different treatment and many times there is a lack of awareness about this from officials.

WNC Migration and Asylum Working Group

The WNC established the  group at the end of 2005 to take forward specific issues in the field of migration and asylum. Members are drawn from a wide background and the group is currently taking forward its work programme, prioritising Citizenship & Integration, Immigration, the Asylum and Nationality Act, trafficking for forced labour and the points-based system for managed migration for the focus of the group.

Working Group Terms of Reference

The activities of the Migration and Asylum Group are to bring together expertise and knowledge on all issues of Migration and Asylum (MA) in the UK, to respond to national and regional consultations and to channel this information to Government.’


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