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The Home Office is currently undertaking a major consultation addressing Violence Against Women, in order to produce a cross-government  strategy to tackle violence against women and girls. The consultation is intended to raise awareness, and to generate debate on what more could be done together to end violence against women, and overcome its far-reaching impact.

WNC has been commissioned by the Home Office to hold a series of focus groups with women survivors around England to inform their consultation on women’s safety. This will compliment the Home Office schedule of regional roadshows and stakeholder events for professionals, deliberative fora with members of the public, and other web-based consultations for groups of women, frontline workers and members of the public.These small, targeted, women-only focus groups with a range of women based on demographics and life experience will be held across England between 16 March and 13 May. We will be discussing with women what needs to be done to improve women's safety from their experience of using agencies (or not using them and why) i.e. what's worked and not worked; and also to get feedback on specific Government proposals to improve women's safety. Our intent is to involve women service users who are unlikely to engage with the formal consultation process, including BMER women, asylum seeking women, older and young women, women offenders and at risk of offending, trans women, lesbians, traveller women, women vulnerable due to mental health or substance misuse problems, trafficked women, women in prostitution, disabled women and women at work. We expect the group to include some women who have recent experience of accessing services, as a result of their experience of violence or abuse either recently or in the past. For further information about the Home Office Consultation, and to give your views by taking part in a web-based survey, please visit:http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/crime-victims/reducing-crime/violence-against-women1/

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