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The Government Equalities Office has developed a communications guidance and toolkit, Tackling Violence against Women and Girls: a guide to good practice communication in order to support and inform government communication in the area of violence against women and girls.  Reducing violence against women and girls requires a long-term shift in public attitudes, and effective and strategic communications will play a key role in achieving this.



This is the first guidance of its kind on this topic and it is designed to support communication and campaign activity around the cross-Government VAWG strategy – Together We Can End Violence against Women and Girls as well as broader communication in this and related areas.  The guidance is a tool to help design and plan effective communication in this area.  The principles it contains and the tools it provides will help communicators to identify key audiences and appropriate communications routes to enable them to deliver high impact, insight-based campaign and other communications activity.


Government communicators working in the area of violence against women and girls are the primary audience for this guidance.  However the GEO is also making the toolkit available as widely as possible to those who might find the principles it contains useful.  This is because the revised approach to communication recommended in the guidance is applicable not only to activity directly related to violence against women and girls, but also to communication around broader issues such as sexual health, alcohol, drugs and safety issues such as safer travel.  It promotes a joined up and considered approach to communication which is intended to help ensure that messaging in both VAWG and related areas is consistent.

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