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Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF)

WNC is a member of the Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF)

This is a network of national organisations committed to progress on age, disability, gender and gender identity, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and broader equality and human rights issues.

The Forum was established in January 2002 to promote dialogue and understanding across the separate equality ‘strands’, and to ensure that policy debate on proposals for discrimination legislation and a single equality body recognises the cross-cutting nature of equality issues.

 The Forum has:

  • Members - those committed to its statement of principles and who sign up to agreed Forum policy positions.
  • Observers - those who attend the meetings and engage on equal terms with the members, but are not able to sign up to an agreed position (for example government departments, the CBI etc).
  • Correspondents - those who receive the papers of the Forum as a valuable way of following national policy developments on equality and diversity issues.

'Equality law fit for the 21st Century?' by Gay Moon, EDF Special Legal Advisor, identifies the measures that need to be included in the new Equality Act to ensure protection against discrimination for all.

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